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ChaiVillageLA is a member-run community. Volunteering is not only appreciated, it is anticipated. There are many ways to contribute to our Village. You can serve on a committee, assist in the planning of an event, run a program or help out in the office. You can offer assistance to other members, providing a check-in call or friendly visit, or perhaps giving a fellow member a ride to the doctor.  And, if you’d like, you can volunteer in the wider community, joining in Village-sponsored efforts to help others in need or following your own volunteering passion.

Help ChaiVillageLA

Village governance
Committee work
Event hosting
Office help

Help Fellow Members

Rides to doctors and events
Help with computers
Check In calls
Visits with chicken soup

Help the Community

Help for homeless families
Assistance for refugees
Voter registration drives
Community programs on aging better

Note: COVID precautions apply to all in-person activities.


Footer with Jeanette, Alysha