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Aging Better

Published On 10/4/2022
Helen Dennis, Specialist in Aging, Employment & The New Retirement and friend of ChaiVillageLA writes about celebrating Ageism Awareness Day. Both Helen and Village member Barbara Meltzer serve on the American Society on Aging’s Ageism and Culture Advisory Council, which brought this special day to the US.
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Published On 8/15/2017
Rabbi Laura Geller's words on Wise Aging inspires the writer of this article on poker-playing.
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Published On 2/27/2017
A new report lays out the current research on the ways your immediate surroundings influence your health and aging process.
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Published On 2/21/2017
At Rabbi Laura Geller explains how members of two synagogues help each other in ChaiVillageLA.
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ChaiVillageLA News

Published On 10/11/2018
The Jewish Journal explores what is special about ChaiVillageLA. Rabbi Laura Geller, Rabbi Zoë Klein Miles and other members are interviewed
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Published On 6/22/2016
Interview with Rabbi Laura Geller of Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, one of the rabbinical founders of ChaiVillageLA.
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General Interest

Published On 5/4/2020
Rabbi Laura Geller explains her five steps toward birthday fulfillment, even during a pandemic.
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Published On 4/30/2020
Everything is affected by this pandemic and life is changing around us; everyone is affected - including the "active older adult" population.
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Published On 4/8/2020
Jewish Journal article explains that ChaiVillageLA, the first synagogue village in the country, was created for just this moment
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Published On 4/1/2020
Lessons From the Pandemic: HBR Senior Editor Scott Berinato interviews David Kessler, expert on grief, who shares his thoughts on why it’s important to acknowledge the grief you may be feeling, how to manage it, and how he believes we will find meaning in it.
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Published On 3/31/2020
Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Jew It At Home is just one collaborative online community that has helped Jews connect and engage now that all communal gatherings have been banned.
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Published On 3/25/2020
Rabbi Laura Geller on the most important lessons of the pandemic
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